Friday, 25 May 2012

Equipment Clothing Awaits You

First launched in 1976 by Christian Restoin, Equipment clothing was considered the quintessential resource for relaxed button-down shirts and fashion items that turns “men’s shirt into women’s shirt” without losing its glam and chic. Equipment took the fashion world by storm and in no time, everybody is talking about it. “Two years after it all started, I didnt know anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who didn’t own an equipment shirt.” says Serge Azria.

It is so popular that American retailers want to fly to Paris just to ship boxes worth back to the States. Now, with Restoin's blessing and an all-access pass to the company archives, Serge Azria – the owner of the two most successful women’s brand nowadays which is Joie and Current Elliot - is continuously staging a comeback for the classic workweek-to-weekend shirts, introducing many of the same washed-silk styles, along with a few new tricks.
After leaving the fashion world for years, Equipment had been launched again last 2011. And slowly but surely, it is gaining its followers again. Celebrities loves wearing it, fashion critics says it’s going to be the mainstream by the end of 2012 and people just totally love it. The shirts that Equipment produces are renowned for the soft fabrics, loose cut, and patch pockets. That will not change, we are assured by Azria. They will still focus on shirts as it is what the brand was known for and they want to keep its simplicity, but they will add some things. Azria has been tapping into the Equipment clothing archives and putting a new California twist for the classic label's re-introduction to the fashion world. The result is Equipment's fine washed-silk fabrics and some seasonal designs such as polka dot, sail boats, springs and more to come. And for the first time, they will also launch a shirt dress. Perhaps in response to clients who, as he puts it, have been known to wear their Equipment shirts with nothing at all but beautiful jewelry.Link In a Paris showroomI saw the Equipment clothing line, which recreates theb eloved silk shirts--and expands into perfectly washed/fitted leather shirts, softly rumpled corduroy ones, and wear-all-year military-style ones.
I never really embraced the trend on the first go around, but I'm definitely on board this time. In fact, I’m now checking my credit limits and savings because I want one of everything!

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