If you are looking for a unique and meaningful engagement ring to give to your future partner, you should consider recycling stones from existing jewelry. Reusing stones from old jewelry can add sentimental value to an engagement ring while saving you money and appealing to your ethics at the same time. Not to mention, it can finally put old, no longer fashionable jewelry to good use!

With so much controversy around diamond mining these days, recycling old jewels provides a safe and ethical solution. Although it may not be possible to find out where recycled gemstones originally come from, you won’t have a guilty conscience about contributing negatively to the diamond mining issue.
n addition, reusing old jewels will save you money. Using jewels from existing jewelry allows you to allocate more dollars to the personalization of an engagement ring. For example, recycling existing stones may leave you with a larger budget for creating the perfect setting for your fiancĂ©e’s ring, for engraving or for using a higher end metal.

 Perhaps the most notable advantage of reusing existing jewels is the fact that it adds sentimental value to an engagement ring—and that’s something that money can’t buy! Many men ask for permission to incorporate family heirlooms—whether it be their mother’s ring, their grandmother’s ring or another piece of jewelry—into their future wife’s ring. Some even choose to use jewels from a combination of family heirlooms to add even more meaning. Using jewels from family heirlooms in an engagement ring is a great way to show the woman you love just how much you care about her.
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                                                             Fashion Bug

If you ask your mom or granny, it would be surprising if they do not know or have not heard of Fashion Bug. It has been around since the 1940s. They are known for their affordable fashion apparels and accessories for everyday use. Whether it be for work, play or partying.

The store is a household name. It has been a big success over all these years. Just like any surviving business, it has had several challenges. The people who manage and own the company have made adjustments decade by decade which has helped the company adapt to the modern world.
The market has been really challenging with the birth of a lot of other thrifty stores. Fashion Bug met the challenge. Their 800 stores across forty-three states should be proof of this. This achievement calls for a celebration.
Fashion Bug celebrates its 70th birthday in September. Fashion Bug stores celebrate “70 years of style” with special offers, promotions and a fantastic sweepstakes where they will give away a new, 2010 Volkswagen® Beetle®.

Having opened its doors in 1940 as “Charming Shoppes”, a women’s apparel store with a commitment to offering up-to-date fashions for women on a budget, the store was re-named in the 1960s to give the chain a more fashion-forward vibe. Fashion Bug is still the specialty store where women across the country can look great and spend less. From dress to business casual, and from active knits to jeans and fashion tops, Fashion Bug offers fresh looks to satisfy all the lifestyle needs of today’s busy woman.
All during September, stop into Fashion Bug stores for fabulous birthday sweepstakes, special promotions such as RightFit jeans and dress pants and MVP items at a special price when you buy two or more. MVP items always offer shoppers best-selling items at the lowest possible price every day.

Customers can join in the festivities by entering the Ultimate Accessory sweepstakes for a chance to drive away with a new, 2010 Volkswagen® Beetle®. A second prize winner will jet off on a fabulous and fun-filled week long vacation for four to Walt Disney World® theme park. 100 third prize winners will each receive a $70 Fashion Bug Gift Card. For a chance to win, enter at Fashion Bug stores or online
Another special party favor is especially for Fashion Bug Credit Card members. Fashion Bug is offering 70 bonus fashion rebate points with any Fashion Bug credit card purchase from September 1 through September 31. Fashion Bug’s Fashion Rebates program offers card members the opportunity to earn points toward Fashion Rebate Certificates that are good on future purchases. This one-time bonus is available to both existing card members and customers who open a new Fashion Bug credit card account from September 1 until September 31.

For more information about this great celebration, please contact your local Fashion Bug store. For store locations and contact information or more about Fashion Bug, please visit

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