Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quinceaneras dresses2012

A fifteenth birthday is a time for celebration for young girls and the occasion demands some exquisite quinceaneras dresses. Quinceaneras, literally translated means one who is fifteen, and is celebrated with a lot of gusto especially in Latin American societies. It is more than a birthday celebration, it marks, the passage of a young girl from childhood to womanhood.

A lot of care is taken in designing quinceaneras dresses and some of the big designers are into the business of crafting exquisite pieces. As this is the first brush of the young girl with fashionable dressing there is a lot of anticipation and excitement in these young hearts. For that sophisticated look that most of them are aspiring to portray, there are beautiful, soft fabrics, delicate laces, fine embroidery and vibrant colors to choose from.

The party may be formal one with the church playing a vital role or it may be an informal one with family and friends. There are quinceaneras dresses to suit each of the party settings. They can be formal gowns or short dresses. The trends for these dresses change every year, this year the predominant style is the ball gown with bare shoulders, accentuated waists and long hems.

A lot of quinceaneras dresses are in bright colors such as hot pinks, lime greens, stunning blues, glittering gold and silvers and ethereal whites. There are various equally stunning contrasts available with laces, trims and beads. The aim of these designs is to emphasize the growing up of the little girl into a young lady.

Sometimes the quinceaneras can choose to wear a simple dress and accessorize it glamorously. These can include pretty shoes with fine detailing on its surface or some bewitching jewelry to offset the simple quinceaneras dresses. A small tiara is also a beautiful accessory that looks great on young girls. There are elegant hairstyles that can complement the look.

The market today is flooded with dresses that will suit every budget and every shape and size. They are meant to flatter everyone who wears them. The attendant at the shop, the friends and family members help the girl to choose the dress to fit the occasion perfectly. The choice of quinceaneras dresses is largely influenced by the red carpet dresses of Hollywood actresses. These are the greatest trendsetters and at this age they are fashion icons for a vast majority of fifteen year olds.

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