Friday, 25 May 2012

Winter 2012 Classic Style Is Coming Back fashion

The simple theme for this season's has given rise to the regression of classic style with a brand new style. In particular, it brings the warmth of the lady image, American minimalism which is free and easy in with sexy feeling.
Ferragamo handsome and tough coat
In the major fashion shows in autumn and winter of 2010, there is invariably low-key and reserved, simple and elegant style. Several familiar cardigan styles were passing in front and I vaguely remembered that was the style seen in the body of Grace Kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy. You know, a few days ago, we were still looking at the large printing, shiny color and crystal sequins of spring and summer style. Then in an instant, several famous designers opted for the opening: "Classic should make a comeback!” With just a few words, the theme has been settled down.
ChloƩ autumn/winter release
The so-called "classic" is refers to the collection of the important elements of the dressing fashion of an era. It must be verified after a relatively long period of time. And it is recognized by most fashion lovers. In fact, all the "classics" are self-evolving products of the integration of fashion and social elements. They had been existed between 30s and 80s of the last century. Today, we pay tribute to them. Who can say that there is no value of the new face after its handover?
Shiatzy Chen elegant clothing
Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy, Catherine Deneuve are different classic women who are the representatives of different good times. The autumn and winter fashion shows clearly told us that we should learn from them, being proud of our hourglass figure. The classic style is depicting the unique graceful lines of women's. What’s more, at the moment, modern women should also learn to use skills of fashionable mix. We should integrate the different elements of conflict-ridden sense. But remember do not make you to look abrupt or exaggerated. You should not be leaving any traces and this is the dressing ability that a mature woman should have.
Chanel personalized fashion clothing
The return of the classic style is a creative compromise after a generally low-key period of the fashion industry. The focus of the compromise is in order to sell more clothing because the brands need to ensure the financial gains. Inevitable elimination is the excessive elements in the past which are not needed now. The focus of creativity is to engrave the golden age of fashion history, which has been recognized by most people, into this era when the sense of design is becoming cheap. For women of different ages, this is one thing to be excited about.

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