Sunday, 24 June 2012

Boys and Girls dressing clothes

Refined search How to choose the right baby shoes for their Baptismal outfit.

A baby’s Baptism is an important day. It’s a serious commitment for both the baby’s parents and the godparents. But it is also a day to celebrate and spend time with family.

Some of the most fun about a baby’s Baptism for parents is choosing – and accessorizing – the baptism outfit. My Special Place has a wide variety of Baptism outfits to choose from, along with the special pieces such as shoes, headbands, bibs, bonnets, and jewelry that are the perfect complement to a baby’s Baptism outfit.

Many fashion designers will tell you that shoes make an outfit. The same is true of even a baby’s Baptism outfit. My Special Place has a variety of shoes to choose from, for boys and girls. Each package comes with the following poem for your special little one:

Special Little Shoes To Adorn Special Little Feet And A Wish Big and True That this Darling Baby Will Be Blessed… Along with you!

Nothing is cuter than little girls in fancy shoes. The Mary Jane style shoes for girls have just the right amount of sweetness with two white rosebuds and a bow on the bottom. The Lace Baby Shoes for girls have a cute little T-strap, and are trimmed in white lace. The Ruffled Ballerina Baby Girl Shoe is an adorable addition to your little girl’s Christening outfit. Whimsical, dainty ruffles add the perfect princess touch on her special day.

Girls’ clothes get all the credit for being fun. But it’s equally fun to dress your baby boy as a little gentleman. The Baby Boy Oxford Shoe will complement his Baptism outfit perfectly. The Deluxe Baby Boy Oxford Shoes are embellished with venise trim and are beautifully constructed. With an embroidered cross on the sole, the Baby Boy Embroidered Cross Baptismal Shoe is the perfect pair for any little baby boy.

My Special Place also offers a line of boy and girl shoes for the family who wants to showcase their Irish heritage. The Irish Baby Boy Green Shamrock Shoes are the perfect pop of color for your son’s outfit. Finally, the Irish Baby Girl White Shamrock Shoes have an embroidered white shamrock on the top and bottom and are as cute as can be.

Adorable little shoes will be the perfect complement to your child’s Baptism outfit. My Special Place will help you find the perfect shoe for your little prince or princess on their Baptism day.

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