Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fashion and You

Fashion always holds a significant place in every era and shows the trends prevalent among the people of that genre. So, there is a close relation between fashion and you as it not only grooms your looks but also reveals your personality and your taste in clothes and other accessories.

There are many things which reveal the taste of a fashionable woman however; the few things which define the fashion statement of a man include sunglasses for men, watches for men and shoes for men.

Sunglasses for men

A pair of sunglasses on top of your fashionable clothes gives you a smart and glamorous look which gains everyone’s attention. There is a large variety of sunglasses available in the market which you can purchase at affordable prices. Whether expensive or cheap, sunglasses undoubtedly give you a sporty look which gets noticed by everyone.

The most popular as well as the most stylish sunglasses available in the market are Oakley 'Bottle Cap' Polarized Sunglasses, Ray-Ban ‘New Wayfarer’ Sunglasses, Maui Jim ‘Stingray’ Polarized Sunglasses, Persol ‘PO2747S’ Sunglasses, Fossil ‘Trip’ Sunglasses, Ray Ban Classic Avaiator Sunglasses ,Oakley ‘Whisker’ Sunglasses, Fastrack sunglasses, Hugo Boss sunglasses and Calvin Kein sunglasses.

Watches for men

Watches not only helps you in knowing the time but, also gives a stunning and eye turning look to your personality if worn with the right matching clothes. The watches are the stylish timepieces for men which not only add to their gentleman and elegant look but also help in giving a style statement.

The most stylish and trendy watches for men are Ebel Lichine, Movado Luno, Breitling Cockpit, Omega Constellation, IWC Da Vinci, Rado Diaster and TAG Heuer Link. This list has the collection of some of the most expensive luxury watches which describe a man with his sophistication, accuracy and style.

Shoes for Men

As it’s said, shoes show the character of a man so; it should be properly chosen and worn with the right match. It also adds to the element of decency and presents a man as a sophisticated gentleman however; it’s important to choose casual and formal shoes according to the occasion as it creates a great impact about the selection and the discretion of a man.

Some of the most popular brands for shoes of men are Enroute, Woodland, I Walk, Lee Cooper, Redtape, Adidas, Franco Leone, Puma and Playboy.


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