Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wet Clothes

There are two words we keep hearing… “Fresh” and “snow”. Usually a great novelty in most parts of this country (especially for children!) and we all know how beautiful it is to look at, but apart from the many external disruptions it causes, this type of weather causes problems inside your house too! If like me you have children (and a dog) you will know the scenario… you go out possibly to walk the dog, which leads to snow fights, which leads to wet clothes, which means you have nowhere to put your wet clothes except on radiators where they dry too quickly… not to mention the wet dog towel that you have just used to wipe both the dog’s paws and the now wet floor… and so on and so on.

Following on from my last article, we’ve now gone through how to make the best use of Vacuum Storage Systems to create some extra space for your guests (and you!), so they now hopefully have some drawers, closet or wardrobe space to store their clothes. Now we want to make use of hidden storage areas, especially if you don’t have a guest room and the lounge/dining room/study is being used as a make-shift bedroom for them. In this case space will really be tight and it may not be very inviting! So now we’ll find some hidden areas for them to make use of, plus some tips to ensure they feel as comfortable and welcome as possible… even if they are sleeping on a sofa-bed in the lounge!
When thinking of areas that can be used for make-shift storage, people don’t often consider the back of the door, but this is an ideal way to give that extra bit of space needed without making the room looked cramped, plus it can be removed if not needed in future. An item such as an “Over the Door Closet Organizer” is ideal because it fits over almost any door and allows you to make use of this hidden space.

The patented sliding latch system allows the organizer to fit over doors up to 6cm thick and this provides a really simple solution allowing you to create extra hanging space in your bedroom, dormitory, laundry / utility room or bathroom. It features an extra mini hanging rod, is strong, robust and really easy to assemble.

Radiator Towel Rails are great for drying wet clothes in such a situation. They remove the need to use the dryer (and so reduces extra cost of running it) and clothes don’t get the stiffness they get when drying directly on the radiator. They are particularly quick in this weather when you need it to dry quickly (and lets face it everyone has their radiators on in this weather anyway). To make best use of radiator space an adjustable towel rail is great… check out this Telescopic Radiator Towel Rail with non-slip protective caps to prevent scuffing your radiator and the width of the rail extends from 39cms (15 1/ 4?) to 67cms (26 1/4?). Overdoor hangers are also great for drying clothes when space is limited and by having your clothes on hangers will help keep out the creases when drying. Happy snowballing!

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