Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bridesmaid dresses Beach Girls

The options for wedding bridesmaid dresses are ample and you can look through these designs presented in this article. Didobridal have many designer wedding bridesmaid dresses to choose. Here we will recommend some style for you.
This season an emerging trend for maid of honor dresses 2012 is printed dresses in soft and flown fabrics. Traditionally prints were not considered formal enough for bridesmaid dresses, but the rules have definitely changed since then. The new prints which are soft and romantic are great for making chiffon bridesmaid dress. Consider using watercolor prints and painterly prints which are perfect for adding a bit of color and glamour to any bridesmaid dress. Avoid dresses that have geometrical prints or big floral prints. You can also add a printed fabric as an accent to a solid colored bridesmaid dress. This will give the maid of honor dress a contemporary and chic look. You can add the printed fabric as a sash, bow or belt. This is one of the best ideas for plus size maid of honor dresses as it makes a person look slim and tall. For mature or plus sized women, you can choose maid of honor dresses with sleeves. Fabrics like satin, taffeta, lace, chiffon, georgette and silk duping will be popular choices in bridesmaid dresses this year.
The latest trends in bridesmaid dresses 2012 is short dresses with an A-line or circle skirt. These are comfortable to wear and a bridesmaid can run around and do her duties. They have a slim fit style that just skims the curves and makes a woman look elegant and attractive. If you are having a casual wedding, then a dress with a circle skirt is just right. After you have chosen the silhouette of the maid of honor dress, you need to select the color as well as the length. The length of the dress can be anything from above the knee, knee-length to mid calf. If it is an outdoor wedding, then a knee-length dress works beautifully. For a more formal wedding, you can choose a mid calf length dress with lovely gathers and pleats. Choose one-shoulder bridesmaid dress only if they are slim and comfortable enough to carry it. Otherwise a sweetheart neckline or a Chinese collar is also quite trendy options for this season. Dresses with ruffles and crystal embellishment at the neckline will also be quite popular this year.

As far as color is concerned, this year skip the pastels in favor of brighter hues. Colors like egg yolk yellow, sky blue, fuchsia, gold, periwinkle, aborigine, emerald and teal works well for bridesmaid dresses. The best thing about these colors is that they contrast very well with the brides white wedding dress and makes the bride stand out. And let's face it, that is what every bride wants on her wedding day. Instead of opting for a single color bridesmaid dress, which looks a bit one note and dull, you can choose a dress that has two or three colors. A dress in complementary colors looks really put together and attractive. Choose a bridesmaid dress that has a different color on the skirt and on the top. If you are not too adventurous, then you can just add a complementary colored belt to the dress to give the maid of honor dress a modern and fun look. For example, a teal colored bridesmaid dress will look very attractive with a chocolate or dark brown color fabric belt or sash.

With all these newest patterns flourishing, I'm sure now you can easily select wedding bridesmaid dresses for yourself. Your presence with the bride would definitely be marked when you are well dressed, poising good etiquette. Hurry up to purchase your wedding bridesmaid dresses on didobridal.

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