Tuesday, 26 June 2012

funky unique hippy clothe

Vintage clothing and accessories are great collector's items. Many people nowadays are setting a trend of their own by wearing mens vintage clothing and womens vintage clothing matched with their modern wardrobe items. These clothing articles are desirable for those people who love to boast a vintage outfit at gatherings or any special event.

Vintage does not really mean old clothing though they are the worn and used kinds. As a matter of fact, most of these clothes are stocked in warehouses of famous brands maintaining the freshness of the clothes. Most of them are not worn by anybody. Though these are not in fashion today, most of these clothes hold expensive price tags because they are now rare and desirable.

Vintage clothing items are fashionable and trendy. Even celebrities are wearing retro and vintage clothing and funky accessories to completely look unique from the others. There are also some people who intend to wear these clothing items to reminisce the yesteryears. People are going for vintage clothing because they want to be fashion arbiters in their very own way.
Womens vintage clothing and mens vintage clothing possess high heritage value because they are durable and quality as they are made of high quality fabric. This is the reason why mot vintage clothing looks fresh and new withstanding the test of time.

Part of creating a fashion statement in wearing vintage clothing is to match it with retro inspired accessories such as shoes, jewelry, belts and handbags. These are also made of high quality materials and are replicated today to mimic the design and the vintage-look of these accessories. Men can find variety of vintage goods such as funky bell bottom suits, vintage platform shoes, disco suits, retro jackets and shirts, vintage belts, disco pants and many others. On the other hand, women can create a stylish look by mixing and matching colorful vintage clothing such as vintage blouses and tops, vintage pants and skirts, vintage suits and hippie or knit dresses. There are even tons of accessories that can go with your style like oversized sunglasses, bold colored bags and disco belts.

These items are not hard to find for they are available in online shopping stores and are sorted per clothing category to easily find the style you are looking for. There are designers that are experimenting with the dressing pattern of the different eras and were able to produce vintage dresses that go with the current fashion trends. Though these clothing are sold at quite high prices, they are noteworthy because they become the trend in the years 1970's and 1980's.

When buying vintage clothing, it is imperative for customers to check the condition of the clothes thoroughly to find out if there are sort of damages like marks, stains or tear. It is also vital to judge the material of the dress. The smart way of buying womens or mens vintage clothing is by buying these items in authentic stores that carry a good reputation.

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