Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Equipment Clothing for Hipster Girls

Hipsters are everywhere and these people are perhaps the most trendy and the most raved street fashion today. Girls who are wondering where to nab the hipsterest clothes out there should not be worried because equipment clothing is the solution.

Equipment clothing is quite popular because of the versatility of their available items. A simple top can look amazing when worn and that’s the reason why a lot of women choose equipment clothing. The cut of equipment clothing gives the woman’s silhouette a more defined shape. There are different cuts and fits like the oversized fit or the signature cut that looks great on women.

Hipster women are taking an interest in to equipment clothing because it gives their fashion statement a boost and that zing that they’ve always wanted. Our culture today is obviously obsessed with shirts and if you take note of all the fashion cultures that ever existed. They all enjoyed wearing the shirt in different ways and when women started wearing men’s shirts, a new definition of women’s fashion existed.
We all know that it blew away the fashion elites and that’s when equipment clothing became a really hit. The brand maintained their momentum and most fashion cultures and sub-cultures love their items.

Hipsters love shirts that are a bit oversized, which is exactly the signature of equipment clothing. Here, we have taken the liberty to give you some tips on how to work an equipment top for a seriously sizzling hipster look.

What you need: • A simple equipment top, bright white color – try on their signature top! • Dark skinny pants • A pair of ankle high boots • A fedora hat

What you should do: Make sure that the shirt fits you well. We are aiming for an androgynous look but you don’t have to worry about your hairstyle or your movements – being yourself will always work. Roll up the sleeves to your forearm, you want to show your wrists and delicate fingers well. It doesn’t matter what your hairstyle is, just let it flow free whether it’s long or short. Wear the fedora hat the way you feel like and get ready to strut on streets with your ankle high boots.

You can also add accessories in order to show your personal touch. Just don’t wear earrings that look like chandeliers or too girly accessories. Rings are great no matter the design but veer off from chandelier like earrings.

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