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holiday clothe women

The series of 2012 early spring brim with a taste of youth. The bright colors and the casual style fully brandish a mood of holiday and show a classic feeling of romance.
Dose the design of waistline declare that this popular trend will continue this spring and summer?
A Simple Design Greets This SpringBefore, we said again and again that the simple design would be very very popular. But when it comes to early spring of 2011, the trend of simple sense of romance on holiday does not weaken. First, lets enjoy the works of CELINE;
 it delivers a style of simple daily clothes of the young bucks in 70s and 90s of last century. Although it adds some elements of holidays, the designs of lines and outlines are unique samples. The pullover dress which was popular among the fashion circle last two seasons was added a little new elements. And the pullover dress is still popular. About the sporty long pants and the Bermuda adds more athletic energy to clothes. What is more important is that the design of this season emphasizes the importance of the line of high waist again. And it makes us remember to show our perfect proportion of bodies any time.
Notice this little billycock!
The brim of this hat is not so broad, but it is very elegant.
About the texture, if you want your suits to be fitting and fresh, you better choose a piece of cloth that is made up from rayon and flax, or a piece of cotton twill, a piece of chiffon or canvas. But if you want to show your status of childe or senorita, you better add a piece of resilient leather, mousseline and seersucker.
Design of A Piece of Cloth in Bull-puncher Style is Very Cool.

Derek Lam who is a ethnic Chinese fashion designer also emphasize creating the beauty of lines. His works are thought that they are the simplest products which can show the beauty of sex of women. A piece of bull-puncher cloth transforms into more various styles. A relation of clean and firm stack-up and a tiering of colors in the same tone add a sense of nature and luxuriance. And it makes people who wear it becomes more stylish. His design of double waistbands may be popular in the next spring and summer. And there are other single products worthwhile those peoples concern. They always advocate simple designs, such as wide leg pants, one-piece pants and cape-style tops. Derek Lam tries his best to combine the concept of holidays and the feeling of modern city.

Double Waistbands Is Estimating Being Popular Following.
Those people who advocate simple designs do not demand of colors overly or extremely. Various jointing of white and binary color, khaki green, caramel color, brown, bright red and black are cool. Different styles of whipstitch which is as a decorations and plasma point lining cloth are famous fashion designers favorite. If you like they too, help you!

Traditional Style of Early Spring Is Romantic and Elegant.
Romance has fun in spring.The effect which we pursue when we are having holidays is not only for relaxation, but also a romantic meet which comes across in an entirely new environment. It may be the lives those seventeen years olds girls from rich families begin to lead, such as Hilton. But as far as we are concerned, it is still like a mares nest.
The collocation of white suits and waistband seems to be smart, but, at the same time, it shows a sense of French classic romance. There is no doubt that we still have something to pursue. If you want to see a show in the style of romance, you usually have to see how CHANEL displays it. Every year, its launch event about holidays in early spring is very impressive. It held in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Venice and Saint Tropez. Thats right. It held in Saint Tropez which is a small town from south of France.

 It is so romantic and elegant that Galeries Lafayette fully spread its creative innovation. Some foreign magazine reported that Carl may leave this brand in 2012. If it is true, that design will be more and more commemorative value.A Pair of Sporty Long Pants Is Also Shown in the Series of Holiday in Early Spring.
About the clothes, an extremely short miniskirt, a high-waisted one-piece skirt and a light smock, Carl seems to apply some classic elements to show todays appearance of Saint Tropez in his eyes.
  Except for the classic black and white, colorful colors are everywhere, including amber brown, green, azure and navy blue. Light pink is shown by lump or printing. Light miniskirts group in different proportions. Some bare your knees while others cover your ankles. With the corrugated edge decorated with paillette, it can make you release your charm in a whole day. The swimming suits in early spring of every year make people cannot wait to be in the sun of next season.
  Suits of Wide Leg Pants in the Style of Romance in Early Spring
Others brands, such as Jason Wu, Bottega Veneta are in the line of romance. They respectively held a fashion show in early spring to show the most romantic poses. Jason Wu has a smart and beautiful fishtail skirt. While Bottega Veneta showed a real silk one-piece skirt at the end of the show seems that it can remind you of a cool breeze by the beach side at any time.A long skirt printed with flower and grass is suitable. Green means spring and the way of see-through is very passionate.

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